RESPECT donated hundreds of thousands of crowns to help hospitals

For 27 years, Respect has been protecting its clients with a tailored insurance program against risks that can threaten their business. These are risks that can be anticipated based on experience and practice.

Now, as a result of a new type of coronavirus pandemic, insurance brokers have decided to help in other ways. They have given financial support to those professions that have done the most to mitigate the impact of the disease. In this situation, a family-owned brokerage firm focused primarily on corporate insurance cut back on planned marketing expenses and donated the savings to support Czech hospitals at the very centre of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

"We are glad that we could also help. We contributed to eight hospitals, including the St. Anne's Hospital in Brno and the Thomayer Hospital in Prague. We don't want to disclose the total amount, but it was in the order of several hundred thousand crowns," Zdeněk Reibl, CEO of the company and its employees, told Deník E15.

Respect has long tried to help wherever possible. Employees actively help in children's hospitals and orphanages, and the company does not forget about supporting the elderly.

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