We are a Czech-Slovak insurance brokerage group of companies focused on company and business insurance (B2B) since 1993. We provide our clients with services through a stabilised team of qualified experts in all segments of insurance available in the insurance market. An important part of our services is high-quality risk management and an efficient loss management system. As an insurance broker we’re completely independent and we always defend our clients’ interests, we’re among the leading brokerage firms on the Czech and Slovak insurance market.



Company management

Ing. Zdeněk Reibl, MBA
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ing. Michal Gáll
Business Director
Member of the Board
Ing. Michal Truxa
Operational and Technical Director
Vice Chairman
Ing. Jakub Matyáš
Managing Director
Member of the Board
Ing. Pavla Vypiorová
Broking Director
Member of the Board

Quality Management

Quality management according to the obtained quality certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 is primarily our effort for continuous improvement.

The result is more efficient processes, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity. It’s a very broad topic covering almost all corporate processes.


What's happening with us

15. 12. 2021

Místopředsedou je Michal Truxa z RESPECT, a.s.

2. 12. 2021

RESPECT podpořil azylový dům Otevřené srdce, kde bydlí matky samoživitelky a otcové samoživitelé, kteří se dostali vlivem okolností do tíživé životní situace.