RESPECT Partners is a group of independent partners who, in the interest of developing their business opportunities, volunteer for mutual cooperation, based on which they may take advantage of the commercial position and brand of the company  RESPECT Group.

In the framework of the platform RESPECT Partners, you can work with us as

  • subordinate insurance agents,
  • cooperating brokers
  • or freely cooperating business partners.

Membership in the club RESPECT Partners – what can you gain with us?

The possibility of cooperation concerns all those interested in combining their strengths with a renowned brokerage company when developing and improving the quality of their services on the insurance market, and those identifying with the same values, which the RESPECT Group professes.

What advantages await a member of RESPECT Partners?

Strengthening their company position and market stability

Network members gain the background, advantages and know-how of an experienced business partner. They also become members of the club - a group whose strong trademark has earned them respect on the domestic and international insurance market, and can assist during implementation of their business interests in this area. Joining the RESPECT Partners network leads to a series of important commercial advantages. All of this comes while maintaining their own autonomy and independence in managing their respective companies.

Business benefits for members:

  • Strengthened commercial position when negotiating with insurers
  •  Advantageous conditions for remuneration
  • Marketing support of a strong brand
  • Protection against competition
  • Sample presentation and materials
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Websites for network members
  • A possibility for clients to attend professional seminars of the RESPECT Academy
  • For your selected clients, the option of regular monitoring of the condition of their insurance policies and claims by Internet portal RESPECT.Online



We provide insurance over five continents – RESPECT International

In the framework of the international network of insurance brokers UNiBA, of which we are an exclusive member on behalf of the Czech Republic, we can arrange quality insurance services for our clients on a global scale. We provide support in resolving complicated insured claims abroad.

Services for members of the network RESPECT Partners

  • the opportunity to use insurance products agreed with insurers exclusively for the RESPECT Group
  • the option of engaging in commercial projects of the RESPECT Group
  • development of professional knowledge and self-education in all insurance project areas
  • IT support
    • access to the information system for managing insurance policies and insured claims
    • intranet access to product information, general insurance conditions, templates and sample documents
    •  IT user support 
  • professional consultation
    • Claim handling of complicated insured claims
    • arranging specific insurance products
    • resolving insurance in international trade
  • other additional services 
    • assistance in obtaining licenses with Czech National Bank (ČNB)
    • consultation in implementing public contracts in the area of insurance
    • insurance law consultation
    • insurance policy management in the RESPECT Group internal information system, ensuring billing, monitoring of payments from clients and issuing insurance premium payment reminders
    • monitoring commission calculation accuracy, etc.


Jitka Veselá

Ing. Jitka Veselá
Managing Director, RESPECT Partners
Tel.: +420 227 200 112
Mob.: +420 603 214 542