With RESPECT to Old Age we supported the activities of the Prague Regional Council of Senior Citizens

ThePrague Regional Council of Seniors, which contributes significantly to making Prague seniors feel healthier, more confident and less vulnerable, was established in 2004. It is part of the Council of Senior Citizens of the Czech Republic and fulfils its specific mission within the capital city by creating activation programmes for the Prague senior community, providing information about programmes and services available in Prague for seniors, and striving for a senior-friendly Prague.

Interestingly, the Chairwoman of the Council, Mrs. Ing. Dana Steinová is also the President of the Czech Society for Memory and Brain Training and a memory trainer. Memory problems are common among seniors, so targeted training in memory techniques can help them significantly. However, it is good to prevent memory problems and to actively strengthen it. Since brain development is completed around the age of 25 and then its functionality begins to deteriorate, anyone over 25 should actually be interested in memory training.

More information about the Regional Council of Seniors of the Capital City.
One of the meetings can also be seen in the photos below.

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