Wheelchair users can use the viewing platform

Clients can now reach the viewpoint in the garden of the castle, where they are staying for a long time. The platform took several months to build and was put into operation at the end of last year. It has improved the quality of life of the facility's wheelchair users and also expanded the possibilities of using the outdoor space for their activities.

During the commissioning ceremony, the director of the Institute, Rostislav Kolachev, said, "Thanks to this sponsorship from RESPECT, the opportunities for wheelchair users to move around in our garden have been greatly expanded, it is their place for relaxation, social gatherings and other activities. And they can also enjoy the view from the lookout, which is great."

The director of RESPECT Ústí nad Labem, Ms Kamila Dohnalová, added: "The platform for wheelchair users to move through less accessible terrain corresponds with our CSR strategy, which is why we did not hesitate to fully support its construction. We believe that the clients of Snědovice will appreciate it and that they will enjoy the accessible viewpoint."

The restoration of the historic garden has been underway since 2019 and has been made accessible to disabled residents and the public. As part of this restoration, a path to the so-called viewpoint was also built, from which a view of the entire garden of the facility and the panorama of the village of Snědovice is possible. However, due to the elevation, the view was not possible for all users, so the idea of building a platform for wheelchair users was born.

TheSocial Care Institute for Physically Handicapped Adults Snědovice specializes exclusively in a specific target group - severely physically handicapped adults. There are only four such facilities in the Czech Republic in the register of providers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Snědovice care home is thus a facility with a nationwide operation. Its clients are persons aged 18 and over with severe physical or combined disabilities who, due to their disability, require regular assistance from another natural person. It is a contributory organisation whose founder is the Ústí nad Labem Region.

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