Update on the situation in Ukraine issued by Allianz Insurance

A state of war has been declared in Ukraine. If the client has taken out any type of insurance with us, it should be noted that in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy, we are unable to cover losses arising from war.

This provision applies to property, liability, motor, travel and life insurance (in the case of life insurance, the exclusion applies to the insured's active participation in an event of war) as well as business and industrial insurance. With regard to accident insurance, Ukraine is excluded from the territorial scope by default (also applies to Russia, Belarus and Moldova), unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

Unfortunately, current developments in Ukraine may affect the scope and quality of assistance services provided for car insurance and travel insurance.

On 12 February 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against travel to Ukraine. We therefore also remind you that travel insurance cover does not extend to travel to an area that has been designated by a government or other public authority as a war zone or a life and health danger zone and advises against travel to that area. We make an exclusion in these cases because we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide emergency assistance to our clients in these threatened areas.

Clients who travelled to Ukraine before the State Department issued the warning still have insurance protection to the extent agreed. However, we again draw your attention to the fact that in view of the situation, assistance services may be significantly limited, despite our best efforts.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and will inform you immediately if we have any new information. Similarly, we are monitoring and assessing the situation in Russia and Belarus.

The Board of Directors of Allianz Insurance Company expresses its deep regret for this situation and our thoughts are with all those whose lives have been affected by these events.


Petr Hrbáček

RESPECT, a.s. broker's comment:

In the case of compulsory liability insurance, the territorial scope is defined in the policy conditions - the territorial scope is determined for EU member states, EEA, states determined by the decree of the Ministry of Finance and states with which CSO has negotiated agreements. Thus, the compulsory liability insurance also covers Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. However, the policy conditions contain an exclusion of insurance: "The insurer shall not cover damage caused by the operation of a vehicle in an act of terrorism or an event of warif such operation is directly related to such act or event." For this reason, exclusions of insurance coverage may occur in Ukraine if the injury is directly related to an act or event of war.

In accident insurance, the territorial scope is also defined in the policy conditions and does not cover Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

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