RESPECT wants to be one of the legends

We are 30 years old and just now starting our "active adult" life. We don't want to overwhelm you with numbers, how much we have grown, year-on-year statistics and statistics in general, simply and humanly - we have learned what we needed to learn, we have gained the necessary experience, we have gained a lot of clients, who in some cases have become friends, we have created a close-knit team of 250 people in the Czech Republic and we have become recognized experts in insurance in the world and now? Now we want to become, with all humility and respect, a legend in the field of insurance, to develop and protect your business, your finances and to be your right hand man forever, maybe even forever.
Infinity and legend - words that inspire respect and awe, and these two words have become the central theme of our annual logo and communication. We are honored to unveil the logo that will be RESPECT's showcase for 2023.

◦ The logo reflects drive, dynamism, movement - all of which make up the legend and remain
◦ What is represented by the lying figure eight that you can see clearly and embossed in the logo?


◦ Infinity of experience
◦Infinity of satisfied clients
◦ Infinity of possibilities
◦limitless possibilities
◦ The open figure of eight indicates an open door to collaboration
◦ Open doors to the future
◦ and an open mind to new ideas

◦ written text, the word years - evokes trust and evokes handwriting, signing documents and the RESPECT claim

All this makes up the legend and the infinite - the legend is infinite and the infinite remains, as does RESPECT! RESPECT wants to be the legend, the infinite.
What about the keywords next to the logo? Insurance - Partnership - Honesty. It reflects honest preparation and our approach to our work, to you - our clients, but also to our colleagues, and what's more! RESPECT! Period.

Enjoy 2023 full of unlimited experiences and endless good cheer. 😊


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