RESPECT Brno, s.r.o., and RESPECT, a.s., implemented the merger by merger

The RESPECT, a.s. branch in Breclav will be able to take full advantage of the background and know-how of the long-established Brno branch and will thus be able to provide clients with comprehensive and high-quality services. In all business matters you can continue to contact the sales team in Breclav - Bc. Miloslav Šale and Ing. Jan Schweitzer. The team is newly supplemented by Bc. Lenka Studena, Regional Development Director, and Mgr. Tomáš Palán, Director of the Brno branch of RESPECT, a.s.

RESPECT, a.s. is based in Brno at:

Babák Office, Building A
Jana Babáka 2733/11
612 00 Brno
+420 530 501 532

RESPECT, a.s., (the successor company), which is hereby the universal legal successor of RESPECT Brno, s.r.o. (the dissolving company), shall assume all rights and obligations arising from the concluded business relations.

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