Ostrava colleague helps save lives

Give blood, give life

A serious illness of a close family member led Kamila to donate blood years ago, so she wanted to thank the doctors for their treatment and care, but most importantly to help people who need blood as patients. Several other members of her family and friends are also blood donors. The total amount of this precious fluid they have collectively donated over the years runs into the tens of litres - an admirable number worthy of respect.

Figures from the transfusion station show that blood from one donation can be used for up to three patients. It is also interesting to note that the expiry date for freshly collected blood is approximately 42 days. Therefore, even blood collection centres sometimes have to actively plan for inviting donors of, for example, rarer/more universal blood groups, and exceptionally refuse some donors at a given time. The recommendation states that men can donate blood every three months and women every four months. The minimum interval between donations should be two months.

Behind each donor is a different personal story and a different motivation, but without exception they help to heal and often save lives.

For RESPECT, a responsible approach and long-term support for dozens of environmental and social projects is one of its key priorities. Our employee volunteers can also get involved in company-wide activities. We are proud of their personal commitment and active approach in their private lives. They are an inspiration to us and we thank them for making the world and everyday life better.

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