Insurance of claims not only in the covid era

For the last 12 years, the world economy has been in a very volatile environment. Political instability, structural changes in previously untouchable sectors, BREXIT, restrictions on free trade. There is growing distrust of world currencies such as the USD and the EUR, and the high level of public indebtedness is a ticking time bomb. Into this comes covid-19 with hard to predict final effects.

In an article by our fellow credit risk insurance expert, amongst other things, dyou will learn what risks are covered by credit insurance and why it is advisable to insure not only new business partners but also long-term ones.

"Itis certainly advisable to insure completely new business partners that you do not know, as well as foreign customers who are generally more risky, whether due to geographical distance or different legislation," says Petr Sejval, Director of Credit Risk Insurance at RESPECT.

You will also read what was the most common cause of problematic payment morale in 2020 according to our statistics, and that it is pnsurance is a highly procedural product, the setup and subsequent management of which requires a high level of knowledge and specialisation.

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