We have many years of experience in insuring hotels, accommodation facilities and dining facilities.

Designed for:

  • hotel chains
  • family hotels
  • guesthouses
  • other accommodation facilities
  • restaurants and bars

This relates to: 

  • property insurance in ALL RISKS coverage or in the scope of named risks
  • insurance on cash in case of theft or robbery
  • insurance on goods during transport using own vehicles
  • insurance of business interruption in case of material damage to property
  • liability insurance for damage from operating risks
  • liability insurance for damage caused by product defect – prepared foods, including salmonella
  • Liability from damages inccured on things of employees
  • Regresseion/recovery of health insurance

Special risks:

  • ALL RISKS insurance for technological equipment and facilities, such as elevators, air-conditioning
  • ALL RISKS insurance of glass, such as store windows, glass partitions, display cases, special glass
  • insurance of business interruptuion in consequence of interruption in supplies of media – electricity, water, gas
  • insurance of business interruption in consequence of preventing access to a hotel
  • Insurance on food spoilage in refrigeration units and deep freezers in consequence of interruption of supply of electricity or due to mechanical failure of the machine
  • Liability insurance for damage to guest vehicles in a parking lot or hotel garage 
  • Insurance on valuables in security boxes and safes
  • Insurance on items in guest hotel rooms
  • Liability insurance on of pure financial loss
  • Employee liability insurance for damages caused to the employer
Ing. Jan Zoul

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