Help for cancer patients

The Šance onkolákům Foundation was established in 2014 with the intention to materially and financially help children with birth defects, cancer and up to 2 years after treatment. As a result, 7,000 children undergoing cancer treatment and almost 1,200 children with other serious illnesses have already received help.

RESPECT employees like to play sports and help, so they decided to combine the pleasant with the useful. Participants individually completed the length of the route of their choice. The choice was a 3, 6 or 9 km run or a 5 km walk. The event involved 56 employees and 14 family members across the Czech Republic. Colleagues from the company's management also supported the project with their participation. Together they ran and walked 383 kilometres over 7 days. RESPECT paid the entry fee for the participants from among its employees and thus supported the foundation with a considerable amount of CZK 10,500.

For RESPECT, corporate social responsibility is one of the main priorities. It has long been involved in supporting sports activities for children and youth, helping in the field of education and healthcare and contributing to helping people with disabilities. Last year, for example, it supported single mothers, children from orphanages and several hospitals standing on the front line in the fight against covid-19 disease.

The biggest reward for all of us was the good feeling of having done something not only for our own health, but also for the health of those who are fighting an uphill battle for it. We are glad that we could virtually connect and help together in this difficult time.

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