Forbes published an article on the necessity of good risk management

The article describes, among other things, the necessity of a well-conducted risk inspection before preparing a comprehensive insurance program tailored to the company or entrepreneur.

"At one factory, I pointed out serious deficiencies. I recommended new safety features within the technology because it was obvious that there was a risk of explosion. I left with nothing in place and three months later the factory exploded. The result was several injuries, huge property damage and the owner explaining in court why he had not secured the plant," says Tomas Soukup of insurance broker Respect, describing what can happen when risks are underestimated.

At Respect, he leads the risk management team and specialises specifically in identifying and rectifying major deficiencies, in manufacturing and industrial sites, that could put businesses at risk or out of business.

Read the full article "Don't be blind. How to eliminate risks that can put a company out of business".

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