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Insurance for farmers

You work hard and honestly, you plan carefully, you invest in machinery, and treasures grow under your hands. But what if there's a drought, hail, fire or frost? What if the animals get sick, the crops die or the machinery breaks? Some agricultural risks are beyond your control. You can control the consequences. RESPECT helps you deal with them. Whether you have arable land, an orchard or a herd of cows, our dedicated AGROFOOD team will select the most appropriate insurance for you, take care of policy administration and arrange claims handling.

We can tailor insurance for:

  • Agricultural primary producers (livestock and crop production)
  • Family farms and ranches
  • Orchardists and nurserymen
  • Fish farmers
  • Winegrowers

We'll take care of:

  • Animal and crop insurance
  • Insurance of machinery, agricultural equipment and technology
  • Property insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Stock insurance (including fertiliser and fuel stocks)
  • Employee insurance
  • Liability insurance for statutory bodies
  • Claims insurance
  • Biogas plant insurance

With RESPECT insurance, the fruits of your efforts will be safe

For days, weeks and months you toil in the field, in the orchard, in the vineyard, in the pasture and among the animals. To make sure your efforts don't go to waste, we grow RESPECT insurance for you.
With 30 years of experience, we'll identify the risks you'd rather not even think about.

CZK 8 billion
intermediated premiums
60 000
claims settled annually
100 %
happy clients :)

Come in. We will discuss every detail of your potential insurance

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