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Insurance for the chemical industry

You take risks every day - handling, storing and transporting chemicals, dealing with hazardous waste. We can't get you out of harm's way. But we will be a reliable partner and help you dissolve any financial consequences of any problems. Not in acid, but in an insurance program. We'll tailor it for you and update it regularly. We'll take into account all the strict safety legislation you need to meet.

We can tailor insurance for:

  • Production and storage of basic chemicals (classified as corrosives)
  • Manufacture and storage of petrochemical products
  • Manufacture of fertilisers
  • Manufacture of inorganic products
  • Manufacture of food additives
  • Manufacture of explosives and their components
  • Manufacture of plastics

We'll take care of:

  • Property insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Insurance of mechanical and electronic risks
  • Liability insurance (including product liability)
  • Product recall insurance
  • Major accident and environmental damage insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Cyber risk insurance
  • Claims insurance
Chemical industry

With RESPECT insurance, you won't lose the chemistry between you and your clients

Lean on us to be strong partners for your clients. We will assess the riskiness of your operation and propose the appropriate insurance. We will take into account the specifics of working with chemicals as well as, for example, the dependence on energy, raw material suppliers or legislative requirements. We will be your partner, as we are for many companies in the chemical industry for whom we manage insurance. As a result, we have a wealth of know-how in the industry and will capitalise on it for your benefit.

CZK 8 billion
intermediated premiums
60 000
claims settled annually
100 %
happy clients :)

Come in. We will discuss every detail of your potential insurance

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