RESPECT Farmers insurance

It is designed for:

  • all business dealing in primary agricultural production

This relates to:

  • insurance on crops
    • insurance risks mainly related to unfavorable weather phenomena - hail, windstorm, deluge, flood, fire, landslide, avalanche, falling tree, falling airplane, lightening strike, explosion, wintering, spring frost
  • insurance on livestock
    • insurance risks threatening raised livestock with resulting death, euthanasia or emergency slaughter in case of dangerous animal infections, also protection from natural perils - fire, explosion, lightening strike, windstorm, fall of piloted airplane, flood, landslide, falling rocks or soil, minor or major avalanche, falling tree or pole
    • insurance on accident and birth injury
  • property insurance

Insurance for the food industry

Designed for:

  • mills
  • bakeries
  • sweet factories and shops
  • chocolate factories
  • meat packing plants
  • refrigeration plants
  • dairies
  • breweries
  • non-alcoholic beverage producers
  • etc. 

This relates to:

  • property insurance in ALL RISKS coverage or in the scope of named perils for natural catastrophe risks, theft, vandalism
  • insurance on machinery, mechanical and electronic equipment, technological equipment and facilities in ALL RISKS scope
  • insurance on interruption of operation in case of material damage to property
  • liability insurance for damage from operating risks

Insurance may also cover special risks:

  • insurance on interruption of operation due to stoppage of supplies of media - electricity, gas, water
  • insurance on food spoilage due to interruption of supply of electricity and media or due to mechanical failure of a machine
  • insurance on contamination of supplies, leakage of supplies
  • liability insurance for damage caused to health and life through product defect
  • supplemental insurance of financial damage caused by mixing a defective product with one that is not defective
  • insurance on costs for recalling defective product from the market
  • regressions of costs of health insurance companies spent on treating injured persons
  • regressions of costs of social security offices for sickness insurance benefits
  • employee liability insurance for damages caused to the employer


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