RESPECT starts the New Year with good news – they’ve decided to support unique projects which deserve a great deal of admiration and respect.

The first project is – PC speech recognition workshops for disabled people. Using a speech recognition classroom equipped with modern technology, instructors assist people with severe disabilities who only have their voice after a serious injury or accident, and help them learn how to manage their voice to such a degree that they’re able to e.g. write an e-mail, a letter or communicate on social media. “It’s great that modern technologies help where it’s important,” says Ing. Zdeněk Reibl, MBA, General Manager and the Chairman of the Board of RESPECT, a.s.

Another unique project that RESPECT supports is – assistance for senior and disabled citizens who admirably, make great strides to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Život plus not only provide senior and disabled citizens with educational activities, but also with social contact.