In case of an insured event call the division RESPECT Claims Adjustment at tel. + 420 227 200 111, and we will tell you how to proceed regarding your insured event. 

Clients of RESPECT who have registered at the portal ONLINE.RESPECT can report an insured event directly in ONLINE.RESPECT.


What to do in case of an insured event?

  1. do not change the condition of the thing after an insured event
  2. if necessary, immediately remove consequences of damage so as not to increase the scope of such damage, or to prevent the origin of further damages; it is necessary to secure sufficient proof of the scope of damage, or liquidation of damaged or destroyed items - e.g. elaborate a detailed report  with the Police, Fire Brigade, or other official agencies and create photo-documentation, a video recording or document the damage in a different conclusive way
  3. contact RESPECT immediately at the telephone number  +420 227 200 111, where you will be given qualified advice on how to proceed in the specific situation.
    A person who knows the details of an insured event should be the one to report the claim. It is necessary to report the following basic information:

    • name of company or name of insurer
    • datum of origin of a loss event
    • place of origin of a loss event 
    • functioning contact link
    • cause and description of the origin of damage
    • scope of damage
    • for motor vehicles the license plate number