RESPECT Public administration

We provide municipalities of all sizes with comprehensive insurance programs adjusted to the specific demands of these entities. 
Besides standard insurance products, we also offer these specialized types of insurance:

  • Liability of the municipality for damages arising from Act No. 12/2000 Coll., on municipalities
  • Liability of the municipality for damages arising in relation to ownership of real estate and management of roads
  • Liability of the municipality as the founder of the municipal police
  • Liability of the municipality for damages caused by persons performing community service work
  • Cross liability for damage caused between the municipality and subordinate entities
  • Insurance of outdoor facilities / radio, video camera system, signage, municipal transport stops, playground equipment, benches, waste bins, etc., including the risk of vandalism
  • Insurance on forests against risks of fire and windstorms
  • Insurance on ornamental growths and trees

You might also be interested in: 

  • Liability for damage caused when in the exercise of public power by decision or incorrect official procedure
  • Liability of council members
  • Compensation for non-material damage
  • Liability for damage caused by providing social services

Our specialists will be happy to provide you with:

  • Elaboration of offers for all of these mentioned proposals
  • We review your current insurance and settings of an optimum insurance program
  • Savings on invested funds and insurance
  • Administration of the insurance program
  • Organization of a public tender for insurer under Act No. 137/2006 Coll.
  • Performance of a risk survey of your property
  • We perform all claim handling service in case of claims
  • On-line software access to data on resolving occurring damage and management of insurance
  • Comprehensive advisory and consultation service



If you’re interested in further information, please feel free to contact us

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Head of Local Commerce
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