property insurance is one of the most basic types of insurance, the aim of which is to protect property designed for operating business activity from possible financial losses occurring by its damage or destruction.

It is designed for:

  • all branches of business activity
  • public and state institutions
  • local government
  • public service company
  • small businesses and private individuals

What is insured:

  • buildings, constructions, halls and other real estate (including structural components and accessories to constructions)
  • movable property (equipment, machines, electronics, minor investment assets)
  • custody, care and control items (leasing, rent, things taken into repair, etc.)
  • reserves (goods in store, material, semi-finished products, works in progress)
  • unfinished investment
  • money and valuables (stamps, meal tickets, etc.)
  • written materials and data carriers
  • exhibits and prototypes
  • things of special artistic value
  • costs for clearing and demolition, rescue costs
  • items of employees

Basic property insurance – can be negotiated in model ALL RISK

  • basic risks – FLEXA – fire, explosion, lightning strike, fall of an airplane
  • catastrophic risks – deluge, flood, earthquake
  • other natural catastrophe danger – windstorm, hail, snow or ice load, falling trees, poles and other objects, avalanche, soil subsidence or landslide, etc. 
  • misappropriation – theft, robbery or burglary
  • vandalism

Additional property insurance – Business interruption insurance/p>

  • interruption of operation due to natural catastrophe
  • machinery business interruption
  • electronic business interruption
  • business interruption due to absence of supplies of media (electricity, gas, water)
  • business interruption due to property damage and supplier business interruption

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