RESPECT Private insurance for management

It is designed for:

  •  managers, statutory representatives and owners of companies, representatives of company statutory bodies

The VIP program RESPECT includes: 

Risk life insurance

  • Quality insurance protection in case of death by any cause, death by bodily injury and permanent injury consequences
  • Possibility of selecting between two variants of insurance coverage, one of which comes without a health examination
  • Advantageous annual insurance premium
  • Comfortable entrance into insurance

Accident and health insurance

  • A unique insurance of daily benefits in case of incapacity for work and hospitalization as a consequence of illness and bodily injury, and simultaneously insurance protection in case of bodily injury (invalidity resulting from bodily injury, death resulting from bodily injury and permanent injury)
  • Entrance into this insurance comes without examining the health condition and in certain variants without proving income
  • Advantageous insurance, insurance rates are not bound to age and the performed occupation of the insured party

Travel insurance

  • Insurance protection for both private and business trips abroad, includes insurance on medical expenses, assistant services and other risks 
  • Quality insurance scope, above-standard insurance risks, winter recreation sports without the need for supplemental insurance
  • Annual validity without reporting trips or short-term insurance
  • Easy to negotiate

Private property insurance: 

  • includes real estate insurance (family home, personally owned apartment, recreational real estate) and household insurance (indoor furnishing of an apartment, house);
  • quality and exclusive scope, individually set insurance with the option of above-standard limits, advantageous insurance;
  • individual access, professional client service.
Ing. Miluše Budínová

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