What do you gain with ONLINE.RESPECT

  • Excellent on-line overview of your claims and insurance policies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Quick access and simple, intuitive control
  • Information from the insurance market and a number of useful documents for download (manuals, product information, legislation/

Claims records

  • Reporting a new claim by means of an online form
  • Upload documents / materials on already registered claims
  • Wide-ranging options for filtering and selecting displayed claims
  • Basic information on each claim including information on the status of settling the insured claim
  • Information on all involved entities / insurer, policyholder, insured party, damaged party/
  • Information on the amount of paid deposits, performances and reserves for indemnification
  • information on necessary and missing materials essential for settling an insured claim
  • Statistic overviews and printouts
  • Export of information on claims into MS Excel for its further processing

Records of insurance contracts

  • Wide-ranging options for filtering and selecting displayed contracts
  • Information on the insurer, the policyholder, the contract number and its appendices
  • Information on the agreement date, the start and end of insurance, the status of the insurance contract, cancellation date, reason for termination, etc.
  • Information on regulations of installments and payments on insurance
  • Scanned copies of insurance contracts
  • Statistic overviews and printouts including export into MS Excel
  • Etc.

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