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RESPECT multi-dwelling insurance

This is an exclusive product created exclusively for clients of RESPECT, a.s.

Multi-dwelling insurance is intended for owners of units, housing co-operatives and other entities that own and rent their flats for long term. In addition to classical natural insurances, it also contains additional insurance specific for multi-dwellings.

With our unique multi-dwelling insurance, you get:

  • A comprehensively prepared insurance product suited to the dwellings
  • Possibility of choosing insurance limits
  • Premium savings up to 30% on average
  • The widest range of insured risks
  • The highest limits – you’ll receive more for your damage
  • Bonus for good claim process
  • ASSISTANCE SERVICES – we’ll take care of you in case of emergency
  • We’ll cover your replacement accommodation costs
  • We’ll pay damages for items in common areas belonging to tenants and unit owners, e.g. bicycle theft from a common bicycle store room, etc.
  • We’ll stand by you in case of damage from liability of statutory bodies

The basic insurance package includes:

  • comprehensive natural hazards
  • alienation and vandalism
  • machinery and electronics insurance
  • glass insurance incl. loggia / balconies glazing
  • Interruption of operation - lost rental payment, substitute accommodation
  • responsibility of ownership and property leases
  • the responsibility of a member of the SVJ (Owners Association) statutory body and housing co-operative




Specific supplementary insurance for dwellings:

  • natural danger without a waiting period (the insurance is valid immediately after the insurance contract’s effective date)
  • cost of demolition and rubble removal, water, sewage, lock replacements - high limits
  • theft of firefighting equipment (it is not a precondition to go through the building’s entrance door)
  • the cost of refilling a fire extinguisher when used for firefighting
  • unspecified secondary constructions automatically insured (garages, shelters, fences, playground and inflatable hall)
  • sprayers, damage to the facade by animals
  • items owned by a community of owners or a housing co-operative
  • items in common areas belonging to owners and tenants (e.g. bicycle theft from a common bicycle store room)
  • insurance also applies to buildings under construction (reconstruction)
  • FREE assistance services


RESPECT dwelling insurance benefits compared to regular insurance market offers


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