RESPECT Mechanical engineering

Technical progress, sophisticated technological procedures, precision of production and demands on machinery are affiliated with the normal occurrence of operational failures in the entire process of industrial manufacture. We offer a package involving a comprehensive insurance product that is adjusted to requirements in  machine-building and industrial manufacture.

Designed for:

  • Manufacturing companies using mechanical or electronic equipment, which form a part of their normal operation with internal or external maintenance / e.g. stationary and portable machines – production lines, technological units, CNC machining centers, packaging machines, filling equipment, air-conditioning equipment, machines for metalworking, paper-making machines, woodworking machines, etc. / but also electronics

This relates to:

  • Insurance covering the most frequent mechanical breakdowns of equipment
  • Insurance against damage to goods arising in consequence of a malfunction in technology
  • Claim handling and acquiring operating media / especially oil, cooling mixtures and other operating fluids
  • Insurance on additional costs for express repair of damaged equipment
  • Insurance of business interruption including additional costs for leasing replacement technology
  • Insurance on specific risks /damage to motors, ball bearings, conveyor belts, seals, normal exchangeable parts, scanning and recording units, record carriers, etc./
  • Insurance of costs for an expert, for ascertaining the cause of damage

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