RESPECT Liability insurance for the Company's statutory and supervisory bodies - D&O

Members of statutory and supervisory bodies are exposed to far greater legal liability then what they would be exposed to based on labor legislation. Their personal liability for exercising their office is nearly unlimited.

It is designed for:

  • members of the board of directors, statutory representatives
  • supervisory board, non-binding authorities
  • managers with extended responsibilities
  • confidential clerks

It relates to:

  • costs for compensation of an entitled claim of financial damage
  • costs for legal representation
  • costs for investigation
  • costs for clearing one's reputation
  • retroactive coverage for breach of obligations prior to the start of insurance coverage
  • extended coverage for an additional period
  • extended coverage for a subsidiary
  • extended coverage for exercising the office of a body member in a company, in which the company has a minority ownership interest

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