Multi-dwelling insurance is intended for owners of units, housing co-operatives and other entities that own and rent their flats for long term. In addition to classical natural insurances, it also contains additional insurance specific for multi-dwellings.

Property insurance is one of the most basic types of insurance, the aim of which is to protect property designed for operating business activity from possible financial losses occurring by its damage or destruction.

We arrange insurance of aircraft, ships and other means of transport. We also insure special risks. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Everybody is obliged to compensate for an injury caused by intentional violation of good morals, injury caused by violation of an obligation required by law and injury occurring by violation of a contractual obligation.

The obligation to compensate for injury caused by a defective product and the necessity to spend costs on recalling the product from the market represent a great threat to the manufacturer, because it could cause not only financial losses but also loss of the brand's prestige.

Members of statutory and supervisory bodies are exposed to far greater legal liability then what they would be exposed to based on labor legislation.

This insurance mainly protects employees from financial consequences of liability for damage. It also helps employers efficiently exercise their entitlement against employees to compensation for damage.

Professional liability insurance is liability insurance for damage caused while providing professionally qualified services.

Supplies of goods or provision of services on foreign and domestic markets bring with them a series of risks. Trade credit (credit insurance) insurance covers risks of payment default for goods or services on the part of the customer due to insolvency or unwillingness to pay.

Insurance forming an extension to generally negotiated types of insurance. Some by their nature are designed only for specific areas of business, and some can be recommended to every legal entity.

We also provide employment programs and private insurance. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our experienced insurance brokers, we will be happy to advise you.

Employee programs represent insurance designed for employees, which the employer pays for or takes financial part in. This concerns a part of benefits for employees and stabilization of the HR policy

Cyber risk insurance should now become one of the basic types of insurance to protect the insured against financial losses caused by data leakage, interruption in operation, cyber-attacks or sanctions of the enforcement authority.