With us you gain a system

We provide comprehensive services to corporate clients. Our product portfolio contains a series of insurance products in the area of property insurance, liability insurance, insurance on technical risks, motor vehicle insurance and others. However, we consider use of just separate insurance products without relating professional services to be inadequate. We therefore also offer our clients a wide pallet of services, which will help them identify specific insurance needs and facilitate for them the process of liquidating possible insured events. 

RISK Management

We identify and quantify risks and insurance perils threatening or damaging the business activity of the client. We elaborate a so-called SAFETY AUDIT – a conceptual material that maps potential risks and analyzes existing claims history. We recommend preventative measures by which it is possible to alleviate or eliminate the occurrence and amount of damage. 


We model the optimum insurance program based on findings of investigation and assessment of occurring risks.


We perform regular monitoring of the insurance market, an analysis of ascertained programs of individual insurance companies and sold insurance products. Detailed knowledge of the current options on the market, underwriting capacity, development trends and daily confrontation with adjustment practice enable us to create for our clients an insurance system corresponding to the highest standard. 


We are preparing insurance contract and its legal precision in accordance with protecting the interest of our client. We carefully elaborate insurance terms and conditions and deviating contractual arrangements for smooth settlement of insured events. 


We provide an efficient and flexible service for settling insured events. We try to minimize participation of the client in the necessary administration surrounding settlement of insured events, and limit it to only reporting the event and providing necessary materials.

Services for businesses

  • audit, advisory service, consultation
  • risk management
  • negotiation and management of insurance
  • liquidating insured events
  • monitoring development of the insurance market
  • public contracts
  • employee benefits
  • education and seminars RESPECT ACADEMY