Procedure in the event of damage to property or health

  • Notify us of all occurring damage immediately by telephone or by e-mail. For reporting a claim, you can use the general form RESPECT Insured Event Claim Report.
  • Our adjusters will advise you how to act just after the occurrence of damage, and will promptly arrange an inspection of damaged items for the purpose of resolving the claim, and will report the claim to the insurance company.
  • We recommend to always document the occurring damage (photo-documentation, video recording, witness statements).
  • In the case of theft, robbery or in case of suspicion that a crime has been committed, always report the matter to the Police of the Czech Republic. 
  • Report any occurring fire to the Fire and Rescue Brigade, even in cases where you were able to put out the fire under your own powers.
  • Have a supplier itemize line by line all invoices proving the amount of costs spent on removing damage. 
  • If you cause damage to another - do not acknowledge in writing any claims of the injured party, do not conclude any agreements with him or her and do not pay for occurring damage without consulting with us first. Appeal to the injured party to file his or her claim with your company in writing, and to state therein  for what reason he believes that you are liable for the occurring damage and in what way you are believed to be guilty.
  • In the event of damage to health, ensure an examination of the injured party by a physician. If it concerns an occupational injury, always complete an injury report.


Procedure in case of an accident

  • Procedures immediately following the occurrence of damage
  • If possible, take photos as documentation of the traffic situation and occurring damage (if possible immediately after the occurrence of damage)
  • Do not change the positions of vehicles at the spot of the accident, if it is not necessary to rescue injured persons, or for ensuring the flow of traffic up until the arrival of the Police of the CR. 
  • When should I call the Police of the CR? 
  • If material damage occurs that appears to exceed an amount of CZK 100,000.00 on one of the involved vehicles including transported items.
  • in case of material damage to property of a third person (e.g. parked vehicle, electric light pole, etc.)
  • In case of personal injury 
  • Request a copy of the report Confirmation of Involvement in a Traffic Accident, or at least its reference number
  • Only sign a police report if you agree with its wording. Otherwise request the addition of your reservations prior to signing.
  • And what do I do when the Police of the CR need not be called according to the law? 
  • Complete a joint traffic accident report
  • Always list: 
  • identification of the place and time of the traffic accident
  • identification of participants and vehicles
  • cause of accident, its course and consequences
  • The parties involved in the traffic accident must sign the accident report
  • We recommend mentioning in the lower part of the report which party is liable for the damage and for what reason!!!
  • In case the parties do not reach agreement, if there appears to be signs of intoxication on the part of the other party or if the report contains data with which you do not agree, we recommend not signing the report and reporting the accident to the Police of the CR... 
  • If your vehicle is incapacitated after a traffic accident, contact the assistance service of your insurance company (contact is always listed on the green card, or call 1224)

Contact RESPECT to ensure that the claim is reported to the insurer and to ensure settlement of the claim

tel: + 420 227 200 111