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Professional liability insurance protects the provider of health care services and physicians from financial impacts of professional malpractice.

It is designed for:

  •  all providers of health care services /the law stipulates the obligation to negotiate insurance/

It relates to:

  • coverage of cases when the insured is obliged to compensate for harm caused by killing, detriment to health and other property damage arising therefrom, especially lost earnings and lost profit
  •  if personal injury insurance is negotiated, this covers compensation for injury caused by unauthorized violation of the right of a natural person to protection of personal rights.

Scope of claims for compensation for injury to health:

  • compensation for pain and suffering
  • aggravation of one's social position
  • other non-material damage
  • lost earnings over the period of incapacity for work
  • mental hardship on the family of the injured party not only in case of death, but especially also serious damage to health
  • lost earnings after the period of incapacity for work, so-called income
  • costs related to health care
  • funeral costs
  • subrogation of health insurance companies

The insurer also pays:

  • costs for court proceedings that the insured is obliged to pay
  • compensation of defense costs in criminal proceedings

Besides professional liability insurance we can also insure:

  • assets
  • medical devices and electronics

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