RESPECT Employee programmes and private insurance

Employee programs represent insurance designed for employees, which the employer pays for or takes financial part in. This concerns a part of benefits for employees and stabilization of the HR policy

A. Insurance with employer contribution:

Designed for: 

  • companies wanting to contribute to their employees for life insurance contracts and contracts within the framework of pension savings, while simultaneously wanting to make use of tax advantages

1.    Life insurance

  • insurance in case of death by any cause, the employee, using a contribution from the employer, may negotiate insurance protection for the case of death, or use the contribution to create capital value for his or her retirement age

2.    Pension savings

Pension insurance with state contribution

  • savings for pension, sale of this type of savings ended in 2012, the employer may still contribute to existing valid contracts, employees add value to invested funds in transformed funds of pension companies

Supplemental pension savings 

  • savings for pension, the employer may contribute to the employee, employees can add value to the invested funds according to an established investment strategy of employee programs

Advantages for the employer:

  • savings on wage and tax expenses
  • increased motivation and loyalty to the employer
  • protection of employees (concerning life insurance)
  • competitive advantage while gaining new employees, meaningful part of the social program

B. Group insurance paid by the employer

Designed for: 

  • companies wanting to secure for their employees insurance protection for work-related or private travel abroad  (travel insurance) or in case of death, injury or illness (risk life insurance). 

1.    Travel insurance

  • insurance protection always includes medical expenses and assistance services with sufficient indemnification limits, and further risks such as liability insurance, luggage insurance, insurance covering injury, etc.
  • insurance can be resolved by a general insurance policy with or without reporting trips, annual cards for selected employees, individually negotiated travel insurance

2.   Risk life insurance

  • may include the following insurance risks: death by any cause, death by injury, permanent injury, invalidity resulting from injury or illness, incapacity for work resulting from injury or illness, hospitalization resulting from injury or illness, serious illnesses, daily compensation resulting from injury
  • all company employees or only certain employees can be insured
  • insurance protection can relate only to work activity or can be unlimited to 24 hours a day
  • the composition and scope of insurance protection based on company needs with regard to performed employee activity
  • advantageous terms and conditions for employees (low insurance, easy access to insurance)

Advantages for the employer:

  • minimizing company costs in case of insured claim of an employee (e.g. while on a service call)
  • important component of the company social program – providing insurance protection for employees 
  • benefit for existing employees and a motivational tool for gaining new employees

C. Private insurance of persons 

Designed for: natural persons interested in negotiating individual insurance.
This concerns the following types of private insurance:

  • insurance of private property (house, apartment, household, etc.)
  • liability insurance in civic life
  • accident insurance
  • daily compensation in case of injury / illness
  • life insurance including insurance covering injury and illness
  • products appropriate for pension savings 
  • travel insurance
  • insurance on veterinary expense 

We offer:

  • an individual approach
  • a comprehensive, custom-made insurance program
  • an analysis of offers and recommendations of the most advantageous solution
  • superior client service
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