RESPECT Liability insurance for the road carrier and the sender

The liability of the road carrier and sender for transported consignments is a special case of operations-related liability. With this insurance, the insured party gains, besides other advantages, also legal support of the insurer against unjustified claims for damage compensation, which could be exercised against it.

It is designed for:

  • companies operating domestic and international road transport on their own behalf for external needs
  • companies brokering domestic or international road transport    

It relates to:

  • liability for damage for which the carrier or shipper is liable (compensation for damage occurring to the consignment including salvage costs)

It is possible to arrange supplementary insurance for:

  • Subcontractor damage liability
  • Loading and unloading
  • Issuing goods to a false or the wrong recipient
  • Theft and missing items
  • Goods in ADR mode
  • Special interest in delivery under Article 26 of the CRM Convention
  • Liability for the full value of the consignment under Article 24 of the CRM Convention
  • Cabotage insurance
  • Own costs of the carrier (replacement vehicle, consignment transfer, storage for the necessary time, liquidation of a damaged consignment

Insuring consignments during transport – Cargo insurance

Insurance covering transported goods is a specific product of property insurance and fully covers risks affiliated with consignment transport. While shipping goods is often outsourced to an external shipper, its liability is limited, and there are further limitations in case of international road carriers. Cargo insurance thus represents the only truly complete protection against risks of damage to or loss of consignments caused by any event.

Designed for:

  • consignment owners
  • senders arranging consignment transport whether by land, sea or air

What does cargo insurance during transport cover:

  • normally arranged on an ALL RISK basis for the case of damage, destruction or loss of an insured transported consignment
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