We've been insuring your business since 1993

We are a Czech-Slovak insurance brokerage group of companies focused on company and business insurance (B2B) since 1993. We provide our clients with services through a stabilised team of qualified experts in all segments of insurance available in the insurance market. An important part of our services is high-quality risk management and an efficient loss management system. As an insurance broker we’re completely independent and we always defend our clients’ interests, we’re among the leading brokerage firms on the Czech and Slovak insurance market.

Profesionální tým Respect Group

How we work:

  • We perform a risk inspection 
  • We review your current insurance and set-up an optimal insurance plan
  • We process an offer for a suitable insurance programme for your business needs
  • We administratively cover the administration of your insurance programme
  • We  perform our own liquidation service in case of insured events
  • We provide comprehensive consultation and advice services

We enjoy insuring companies and entrepreneurs!

Every branch of business has its own specifics and requirements. We focus on the precise compilation of a comprehensive insurance programme tailored to the specific requirements of a client's every business. In addition to the normally negotiated property insurance and liability insurance the insurance programme may include, specialised products such as environmental damage insurance, receivables insurance, transport insurance, construction insurance and others. More at Business Insurance and Services.


We build on quality RISK MANAGEMENT

Risk management means the concept of comprehensive company security against possible damage.

  • We identify and analyze risks
  • We value risks - we can quantify possible damages, damage impacts, damage frequency
  • We manage and control risks – we eliminate risk-forming activities  

We have our own DAMAGE LIQUIDATION division

In the event of an insured event, RESPECT does everything to minimise your necessary insurance-related administration. Therefore, the client's employees’ participation at the insured event’s occurrence is limited to the insured event’s notification and the providing the necessary documents.

Services related to settling insurance claims

  • Accepting the client's damage notification
  • Consultation and suggestion of further procedure
  • Ensuring inspection by a RESPECT liquidator / insurance company liquidator
  • Announcing the insured event’s occurrence to the insurer
  • Ensuring payment of the advance payment
  • Checking the accuracy of the indemnity paid
  • Evidence of damage, counselling, reporting

Graph of RESPECT GROUP premium production development in million CZK

Development of premium production in million CZK

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