RESPECT is a Czech and Slovak insurance brokers group

that has been providing services to its clients for 20 years through its stable team of specialists qualified in all insurance sectors available on the insurance market. We focus primarily on corporate and small business insurance. Quality risk management and efficient insurance claim liquidation systems are important parts of our services.


Corporate and small business insurance
Every field of business has its own specifications and requirements. RESPECT focuses on precisely composing complex insurance programmes adapted to the special requirements of each client’s area of business. Aside from commonly arranged property insurance and liability insurance, an insurance programme may include specialised products – environmental risks insurance, accounts receivable insurance, cargo insurance, construction insurance and others – in response to client needs. For more information about small business insurance, click here.


Risk management
By risk management we mean a comprehensive process of identification and quantification of risks and insurable dangers threatening or damaging the client’s business activity. As part of the qualified evaluation of all risks carried out by our specialists, we prepare a security audit which is a conceptual document that maps potential risks, analyses the existing damage history and recommends preventive measures. For more information about risk management, click here.


Liquidation of insurance claims
An efficient and flexible system of insurance claim liquidation is one of our priorities with all of our clients. We always try to minimise the administration related to the settlement of claims and limit the client’s participation in this process to insurance event notification and provision of essential documents. For more information about liquidation of insurance claims, click here.